Radiator protection grilles for your motorcycle

Optimal protection with radiator protection grilles

Access Design offers a wide range of quality products to improve your motorcycle or to replace the necessary parts. You can find products for different models of motorcycles by providing a large number of quality parts. The online store offers radiator protection grilles. These grilles are intended to protect the radiator against possible projections of mud, dust and larger projectiles. For example, off-road motorcycles receive projections of earth and stones that can quickly damage the radiator. Sports motorcycles and roadsters, on the other hand, have larger radiators that are closer to the road and receive projections from the front tire. Motorcycles do not originally have a radiator guard. Access Design has developed a product to optimize protection on several ranges of vehicles, for better quality and greater efficiency.

Check out all the available models of radiator grilles on the online showcase, designed so that air circulates easily through the radiator, without affecting the cooling of the engine, especially at high temperatures. The Honda CB-1000R radiator guard is made of galvanized steel, protected with a black epoxy paint with a high quality matte finish. Epoxy paint was chosen because it has unparalleled covering power to give a smooth, homogeneous appearance to different supports. In addition, the epoxy paint is waterproof and offers good resistance to impacts and scratches, caused by rock projections.

A motorcycle protected efficiently and with style

The motorcycle radiator protection grilles offered by the Access Design online store are easy to position. In order to protect your motorcycle as much as possible, discover the different models of radiator guards, a mesh cover in good condition and effective to ensure optimal protection. The radiator is constantly exposed to projections and this is why choosing a motorcycle radiator cover is essential to protect it from possible projectiles. This central element allows a good functioning of the whole motorcycle by protecting and allowing a flow of air which will come to feed the engine of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle radiator grille also allows to offer style thanks to neat finishes with the pattern of the logo of the brand of your motorcycle, colors that will match perfectly with those of your two-wheeler or to offer contrast according to your tastes and preferences. The radiator grille requires little maintenance and has high resistance to weather and temperature. These product properties guarantee long-term quality.

Among the wide range offered on the Access Design online store, find parts to accessorize your Yamaha motorcycle, such as the MT09 radiator guard grill or the MT07 radiator guard grill. Laser-cut, these radiator grilles bear the corresponding model of the famous Japanese brand. Owners of a Kawasaki, Access Design will also please you with the Z900 radiator guard grill, with the famous emblem representing the Z series of the motorcycle manufacturer.

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