Rear mudguard for your 2 wheels

Equipment necessary to improve the handling of your motorcycle

Access Design offers a range of quality equipment for motorcycles. You can discover everything you need to equip your motorcycle in an efficient and aesthetic way at the same time. The online store provides the rear fender for motorcycles available in different models to suit all brands of motorcycles. As the name of this equipment suggests, the mudguard is placed at the rear of the motorcycle to trap mud and other projections from the ground. Driving is all the more pleasant in rainy weather, as this equipment therefore avoids splashing mud, flying dust and the like, which are generated by the rear wheel. In order to protect the motorcycle, the installation of a rear fender is essential for a more pleasant ride.

Also called motorcycle wheel washer, the primary function of this equipment remains the same. Find the model compatible with your two-wheeler. For example, sports motorcycles and roadsters have mudguards at the front and rear of the vehicle to protect from projections. In a fall from a motorcycle, the mudguard is often damaged. If you want to replace this damaged or worn part, or complete the initial equipment of your two-wheeler, the Access Design online store allows you to select the one that best suits your vehicle.

A model of rear fender for motorcycle, compatible with your vehicle

Motorcycle rear fender is offered for various makes of motorcycle like Harley-Davidson Softail FXDR rear fender. The equipment echoes the aggressive and imposing lines of the rear loop of the FXDR 114. It is made of 3 mm thick aluminum and coated with matte black epoxy paint. The construction of this mudguard makes it possible to perfectly match the dimensions of the tire and this equipment is reinforced by supports providing sober and refined lines. The reinforcements fit over the original two holes in the swingarm.

The lack of a fender can be devastating for the entire rear system of the motorcycle. For example, the mono shock absorber as well as the rear frame buckle are no longer protected from projections of dirty and muddy water, which can contain larger projectiles and thus participate in premature wear. The products offered are designed to be effective and aesthetic at the same time. The quality of the design makes it possible to extend the life of the motorcycle by protecting the rear mechanics.

Equip your motorcycle with the best protection: the rear fender to protect the mechanism, including the shock absorber, from unwanted dirt as long as possible. In addition to this essential equipment for the proper functioning of your two-wheeler, be sure to find the dirt bib also available on the online showcase.

Find all the other models of rear mudguards for motorcycles on the Access Design online store.

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