Motorcycle engine guard

The right equipment to protect your engine

If you are looking for a motorcycle shoe, find the brand and model that matches your two-wheeler in the online store. Indeed, Access Design provides several equipment designed to suit different models of two wheels.

A motorcycle shoe is a piece of equipment installed at the engine level that provides additional protection on this most sensitive area. The installation of this accessory prevents damage to the engine by optimally protecting it. The risk of damage from stones and dirt being thrown on the roads is considerably reduced with this accessory.

In addition to being aesthetic, the motorcycle shoe allows you to take roads strewn with gravel while protecting your engine. Also called a crankcase guard, this equipment protects the lower part of the engine block where the oil cooler is located, near the oil filter. Once the sump guard is in place, this vulnerable part of your vehicle is protected from oil leaks. You can then venture out more serenely on off-piste by equipping yourself with a motorcycle shoe.

The high quality motorcycle shoe, aesthetic and robust at the same time

Find on the Access Design online store, the engine guard for motorbikes designed for different models of two-wheelers. This equipment offers optimal protection against stones, shocks or falls in road or off-road use.

For example, discover the high quality W800 Engine Shoe which guarantees an unmatched robustness. This model is perfectly adjusted to match the Kawasaki W800 motorcycle. Enjoy hassle-free touring with these off-road models by installing an aluminum engine mount. Shocks and stresses are distributed throughout the engine block, providing better protection for the crankcase. The 4-millimeter-thick aluminum engine block offers better resistance to all shocks. In addition, the engine shoe slides more easily over stones, rocks, ground deformations and other rough terrain. This model of engine shoe has been designed not to affect the proper functioning of the center stand. 

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You can also find the Kawasaki W650 Engine Guard and the Kawasaki W800 Engine Guard. The latter is suitable for impact and protects the entire engine block and crankcases. This equipment is laser cut from 4 mm thick aluminum foil for added strength and coated with matte black epoxy paint. This model is high enough at the front to protect the engine from rock thrown from the front wheel. In addition, the shoe is designed to allow as much air as possible to reach the engine for cooling.

Discover the motorcycle shoe made for different brands of vehicle on Access Design, which ideally matches your two-wheeler.

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